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Here at the Innovation Grid we aim to take a different approach to combating the issues that face humanity, Instead of paying a charity to help the causes We will pay You for fighting Cancer, Helping to find a vaccine for Ebola or even create the largest map of the Milkyway Galaxy.

A 21st Century Approach To Saving Humanity

With three core principles we aim to tackle some of the greatest problems this planet has ever had to face. The technology to link computers and phones together to work on shared tasks has been around for well over 15 years, Thanks to the blockchain the technology to pay you for this work has been around for 4 years!

 We aim to take this one step further and make it as simple as possible for you to contribute to your favorite causes and get paid in real money or rewards.

Earn For Charity App

A simple app that runs on your Phone, PC or Laptop while you are not using it, while the app is running you will earn a small amount of Gridcoin that you will be able to withdraw or convert to cash rewards when you reach a threshold.

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Power-Brokering Network


A Peer-to-Peer Power Sharing Network, Allowing the power holder to offer their specs up to potential users. Offering greater variation than competing web services and at an easier to access price-point for end users


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Carbon Neutral Power Hub


We strongly believe in saving the planet via research but that should not come at the cost of the planet itself, We are in the process of building a carbon neutral power centre built with 95% recycled parts and aim to expand to 500 Tflops by 2020


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